Wedding Videos

Abby and Joe

We danced, we laughed, we cried and we had an amazing time in Plymouth! Abby and Joe celebrated their love with friends and family and they danced their butts off all night long. Also, Rene Rancort was there, LIKE WHAT?! Enjoy the trailer I developed for these two love birds – full video coming very soon! Note: You will hear a watermark (musicbed) throughout the video since it is not finalized

Janetsy and Harold

Up in northern Massachusetts, Janetsy and Harold held their beautiful wedding among close relatives and friends. The music was popping, dancing was nowhere near stopping and the DJ was bumping. Needless to say it was a beautiful wedding with a heartfelt message written from Janetsty to Harold! Hear it for yourself.

Marisabel and Zoe

This is a story about two people who are “Stowe in love.” Marisabel and Zoe got married in Stowe, Vermont – now I had never been so far up north but let me tell you – it was a winter wonderland. They were surrounded by friends and family, love and joy with a little bit of snow.