Alone, you go fast. Together, you go far.

I’ve been the type of person who likes to work alone. I️ usually take matters into my own hands. I was pretty confident that I could do everything by myself.

That’s not the case.

Recently, I️ begin doing photo shoots with athletes like my good friend Connor and Dasha. They have been working with me to publish and expose my content. They have been so kind to showcase my photography and videography. Now I can’t go a day without someone asking to hire me.

This process of building and growing, you can only do so much by yourself. There will be a time where collaboration is needed. Get out of your comfort zone and meet new people. Not every relationship is a partnership.

Every experience is a good experience, a bad experience is a learning experience.

Grow. Collaborate. Build.

How To Become A Social Media Influencer & How To Work In The Fitness Industry Feat. Gabriella Capogreco, Buckeyefitbabee | EP.2

Welcome to another episode of the podcast, CINEMANIA. Make sure to follow us on the app “Anchor” as we are there too! We are working on Spotify and Itunes.

We welcome our guest, Gabriella Capogreco aka @Buckeyefitbabee. Gabriella keeps it real and explains the importance of keeping it real.She is a social media influencer who is currently working for Enlightened. We ask her about how to become a social media influencer, her tips and tricks, and how she got to work in the fitness industry. Make sure to follow her on Instagram: @buckeyefitbabee




Don’t Be A Phony.

Fake it till you make it” is the most annoying saying. Like, what does that even mean? Do you seriously expect to go far in life by faking and then what, you “make it” and you figure it out? No.

We don’t value being “real” as much as we should. We’re often expected to be perfect and capable of taking on an ungodly workload. We should embrace the fact that we don’t know everything and that we aren’t perfect.

It’s being genuine, being honest, being real. Let’s accept our flaws, our imperfections. You’re not born perfect and you will definitely not die perfect, but embrace the fact you won’t know everything. Begin by realizing this and having a level of self-awareness, you’ll begin to have a better perception of yourself and everyone around you who is perceived as “perfect” because they’re probably suffering too.