I am very fortunate and grateful that I have a talent of telling stories.

Whether it’s telling a personal story, the story of students or businesses, I am able to help evoke emotion. This is what helps create a relationship and helps sets the tone. I am not just making a video for the sake of making a video, I am creating a piece to help drive emotion – necessary to take action.

If you like my style of video and would like your story to be told for your business, shoot me an email at for an estimate. Videos prices will vary and  start at $1,500 and will vary based on the amount of work necessary for the project.

Late Night in Waltham


State of Mental Health

One of my most popular videos “State of Mental Health” is definitely a video that tugs at the heart strings. This is a personal video but this is also my style of story telling.

OMZE Group (Tequilla & Wine)

OMZE Group reached out to me for the Cinco of Mayo to celebrate and welcome their new premium liquor company with the consulate of Mexico as a guest. It was a beautiful celebration and both Oscar’s (father and son) share their beautiful story. Hear it for yourself!
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