The Art of Sliding Into The DM’s -Zack Kravits, Cinematographer

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and holy crap am I exhausted. I’m human too but damn, it’s been a busy week. Balancing a full time job, a podcast, videography, YouTube, setting up interviews, managing a clothing line and preparing for Black Friday and a few collaborations can take a toll on a guy. But hey, I am here now and I wanted to share this with you all.

I had the absolute honor interview an individual who inspires me to do what I do, Zack Kravits. Zack is a Cinematographer who has worked with influencers like Nick Bare, Goku Flex and most recently, Lewis Howes. Zack has had an amazing come up in the world of YouTube and getting his name out there. 2017 has been an exciting year for him and I am excited to see where he goes in 2018.


The podcast is now on WordPress but can also be found on Apple iTunes, Google Play, Anchor.FM, Soundcloud and eventually Spotifiy. Enjoy!




Video Services

Looking for someone to film a promotional video for your gym? How about brand marketing for your product? Looking for a music video director? Whatever it is, I have you covered.

I am a professional videographer that is both creative and forward thinking. I know you are looking to sell your product but also want to do it in a creative and fun way.  Below I have a few examples of my work.

Prices will vary based on location, hours, post production and the amount of creative research needed.

Videography begins at $350 an hour. Send me an email with your project and lets turn your vision into a reality!

  • This is a video I developed for a Crossfit Gym in Waltham. The owner is currently working on a website redesign and needed an introductory video about the services they offer. Fun gym, lots of positivity and fitness going on (working out to eat more pizza mmmmm!)

How To Start Getting Job Offers Through Instagram

You know that app that allows you to post pictures up onto the interwebs, that app has landed me more gig offers than anywhere else. But how? Well, I’m going to tell you exactly how I’ve reached the point to where I get offer’s through my DM’s and e-mail. It is not easy, there’s no special formula or way to “beat the algorithm.”

It’s a matter of a couple of things, first post consistently.  Sounds simple, right? It is incredibly easy to get discouraged because you are not getting the results that you want. It is crucial that you are putting up a) appealing content b) meaningful content within the post and c) uploading regularly.

Essentially, you want to be consistently up on someones “feed” so when they check Facebook or Instagram, you are the first one to pop on their feed. Now, this won’t happen all the time  but you are beginning to build profile and you will become a “regular” to people. You will be that person that is consistently on someone’s feed more than others, when people begin to think of people they should hire for video/photo gig, you are probably going to be the first person on their mind.

Next, the proper use of hashtags. Take 10 minutes of your day, go on Instagram and search popular hashtags based off of your type of post (#photography, #bostonphotography.) You want to do this, make a list of about 20-30 hashtags and use them in each of your posts in a separate comment. Now this isn’t spammy or beating the system, you are build your SEO (search engine optimization, the likelihood of you popping up on somebody’s search on Instagram.)

Why is this important? Believe it or not, people will search on Instagram “Boston Photographer, Boston Videographer, etc.” and if you are the first person that they find, you may be the one contacted for a gig. When they find a nice picture that you took, they are probably going to check your profile and if they see a catalog of your work. If they like what they see, you may just have gotten yourself a gig for posting regularly and being the first person that they found.

How often will this happen or how long will it take for this to work? The honest answer, I don’t know. This takes work and patience. All it takes is one gig for this method to work. Now, I have been this doing for about 2-3 months and I have received at least 8 gigs in the last couple of weeks through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. People will send me messages on Instagram for photography/videography. You may have a picture or a video that can score you a $500 gig that cost you 0 dollars and 0 cents. Free marketing, my people.

Leveraging Social Media to Grow Your Business

Alright, it’s 2018 and if you don’t have an Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat/Youtube, stop reading this, go on all of those social platforms, spend (I don’t know, an hour?) AND MAKE YOURSELF A PLATFORM.

There are three type of people when it comes to social media: the non-believers, the “post and that’s it, right”-ers, and then the patient.

Non-believers: Individuals who think social media is student and pointless and that robots will take over the world (probably true.)

Post and that’s it, right-ers: Individual who believe if you post to post then it will work because it’s social media, right?

*The Patient*- Those that understand that this is a marathon, not a sprint. That you have to treat social media like everything else: you need to post with a purpose, understand your audience, create innovative content that provides value and have a strategy. The most crucial part: understanding that this is not going to blow up overnight, or in a month, or probably even a year. This takes work and patience.

Using social media takes a lot of time, more than you probably think. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to social media that I will get into in later posts, but you need to have an online presence to develop RELEVANCE. Let’s take Usher the talented musician, he was AMAZING and all the rage for years but then he got silent. He drops music once a year (if that?) The moment you become silent for a year, people will forget about you.

If you are in the early beginnings of developing a social media presence, just begin with developing a presence and building an audience. The more attention you take away from competitors, the more likely you will be on your customers mind. You may not be the #1 top searched on google, but if you are relevant and are constantly on their timeline on social, you may be the one to gain their business.

Fall in love with the process, not the goal.

YouTube has always been something I love but I’ve come to realize, I’m probably not going to “blow up” in popularity, maybe not this year, next year or ever.

But I’m okay with that.

Then what’s the point? Is it worth my time to make videos and vlogs for maybe 20 people to see?


I️t was me practicing my craft, loving the discipline, the long nights of work and getting no sleep while balancing grad school, a full time job, and many other projects that made me great at what I️ do. When you begin to get caught up in the vanity of numbers, followed, views, I️t can be discouraging and then boom 💥 you quit.

If you get too caught up in all of that, you’re not dedicated as much as you think you are. You probably won’t blow up in popularity overnight. That’s when you have to be honest and evaluate what you’re good at, but also determine what you love. If you love doing something, then you shouldn’t give a damn about the following, about popularity, about money. Love the grind, love the long nights and hard work and getting no credit.

One Of My Secrets To Success.

I️ almost fell off track. Almost. But I️ didn’t.

I️ could say that a lot of my success so far in my career can be attributed to my hard work ethic that my parents instilled in me, or for just being straight up lucky (bullshit answer.)

But I️ think one of the biggest contributors to my success is consistency. Now don’t get me wrong, you can do a shitty job everyday, you’re just consistently shitty.

But what I’m trying to say is that if you’re working towards being better, growing, learning, improving and working everyday, you’re bound to knock down the door of success.

Don’t give up. Even when the views are down, the subscribers or followers are down, don’t let that determine the value of your work. Only YOU determine your worth.

Alone, you go fast. Together, you go far.

I’ve been the type of person who likes to work alone. I️ usually take matters into my own hands. I was pretty confident that I could do everything by myself.

That’s not the case.

Recently, I️ begin doing photo shoots with athletes like my good friend Connor and Dasha. They have been working with me to publish and expose my content. They have been so kind to showcase my photography and videography. Now I can’t go a day without someone asking to hire me.

This process of building and growing, you can only do so much by yourself. There will be a time where collaboration is needed. Get out of your comfort zone and meet new people. Not every relationship is a partnership.

Every experience is a good experience, a bad experience is a learning experience.

Grow. Collaborate. Build.