“Media Marv”

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Hi there! I love videography and photography, powerlifting and pizza. Outside of video and photo, I do have a full time job as Assistant Director of Social Media, I have a bachelors in Exercise Health Science and a Masters of Science in Management!

I get really excited whenever someone brings up the topics of pizza or dogs.


Between 2016 and 2017, I filmed and edited over 240+ 8 minutes YouTube videos while balancing a full time job and obtaining my Masters degree. I love videography, it is something that I am passionate about which lead me to my love for photography. Previously, I was an admission counselor (the gatekeeper of college) but my employers saw that my passion was in media, which then they created a job for me


I am honestly so blessed and so grateful for the life I live. I love what I do, I never planned for my life to take me into this direction. I have now filmed over 350+ projects for national television, videos for corporate events and branded marketing purposes, directed a music video, filmed weddings, had the opportunity to fly to New Mexico and film YouTubers and take photos of some amazing people.

I am a professional photographer and videographer and I say that with pride. I have worked my tail off to be where I am, I work a 9-5 but I really work 9-12. Creating content is something I am passionate about, whether it’s your wedding, for your company, social media, or taking engagement photos during a snowstorm, I love it.

K&S v2 (6 of 9)

So yeah, I do videography, photography, create content for social media, run a podcast, I also run a clothing line, create YouTube videos and much more. There’s a reason why I consider myself the swiss army knife of media.

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