Fall in love with the process, not the goal.

YouTube has always been something I love but I’ve come to realize, I’m probably not going to “blow up” in popularity, maybe not this year, next year or ever.

But I’m okay with that.

Then what’s the point? Is it worth my time to make videos and vlogs for maybe 20 people to see?


I️t was me practicing my craft, loving the discipline, the long nights of work and getting no sleep while balancing grad school, a full time job, and many other projects that made me great at what I️ do. When you begin to get caught up in the vanity of numbers, followed, views, I️t can be discouraging and then boom 💥 you quit.

If you get too caught up in all of that, you’re not dedicated as much as you think you are. You probably won’t blow up in popularity overnight. That’s when you have to be honest and evaluate what you’re good at, but also determine what you love. If you love doing something, then you shouldn’t give a damn about the following, about popularity, about money. Love the grind, love the long nights and hard work and getting no credit.

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