Make an idiot of yourself.

“Why should I️ (the reader) go off on a limb and embarrass myself in front of a crowd?”

“What will people say if I️ look like an idiot?”

Because, NOBODY CARES. Okay, that was a little harsh. But seriously, nobody cares (which is a good thing.) I’m guilty of it as much as you are, we’re afraid of going into the middle of the dance circle because people will point and laugh. But it’s actually okay, because everyone is! Think about how awkward and weird it is, to do something in front of a crowd. Giving a speech, dancing, singing, it isn’t normal.

But I️ challenge you to go and give it a try. It’s going to help develop confidence and at the end of it all, people will forget. Yeah it feels embarrassing in that moment, but’s you’ll live. The more often you get uncomfortable, the easier uncomfortable situations will be.

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