I hope you get fail. Like, seriously.

I’m fascinated by the “fear” of failing. Think about it, the THOUGHT of failing (meaning you have to try, which you haven’t) prevents you from making an attempt.

Stop. Breathe. Think about that. The IDEA of an ACTION that you haven’t even ATTEMPTED and the POSSIBLE outcome prevents you from TRYING.

THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE TO ME. Rejection sucks, when I was a kid and asked the pretty girl out on a date did hurt my ego. It would hurt most 9 year old adolescents. But I tried.

I am trying now, with this thing you call a blog and this thing you call photography and this thing you call a podcast. Why? Because I enjoy it and I think that the possibility of putting in work and knowing their may be success (happiness, maybe monetary, who knows) is worth my time and worth the try.

So go try, go get rejected and go fail. Because that means you actually did something.

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