Focus On Your Strengths

Today has been an interesting day. Currently filming a large event and the focus on the event is professional development.

One of the topics was the idea of being self-aware and understanding your strengths. It’s crazy that some people think it’s important to work on your weaknesses. I argue that thought, I think it’s more important to be aware of your weaknesses and to triple down on your strengths.

Why? Well, you may be kick-ass with communicating but crappy at organizing, well, that’s why we develop teams to help with our weaknesses. You want to focus on what makes you great, what you’re good at and go all in. Ask for help in the spaces that you need assistance with to help in areas that you need support in.

I realized this summer I’m awesome at videography and went all in. Now it’s my full time gig. Find something your passionate about and treat it as your full time job (even if it’s a side hustle.) Your side hustle could be what separates you from the rest.

Here’s a pic of a cool friend of mine. Photo was taken and edited by yours truly.


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